Hawassa Commission works


Things to Do

Arts and Entertainment

As a city of diverse culture and capital of SNNPR, it has been responding to the entertainment demands of both residents and tourists. These entertainment and arts facilities are being provided by government , associations, amateurs and private sector in Hawassa. The arts and entertainments in Hawassa includes:

  • Associations in preparing sessions to share experiences by inviting renowned artists and known personalities.
  • Inclusion of cultural and other dances in their services around the lake and in hotels.
  • There are art galleries on some places so that you can visit the cultural collection or paintings and buy the one that impresses you.
  • Local Coffee sellers and other traditional restaurants in different corners of the city. These and other related services are known for their south color and traditional services.


Spa , Massage and Swimming

In Hawassa there are spa, sauna bath , massage or other related facilities in major hotels or other specialized service providing business firms. These services are commonly found in areas tourist common recreation areas and heir respective services and addressed can be found online from our business directory.

 Bicycle Riding:

Hawassa and Bahirdar are well known Cities in Ethiopian for bicycle riding due to their suitable flat topography. So far there had been wide use of bicycles for transportation amont residents of Hawassa city. However, in recent years bicycles has been being replaced by motorbikes. Eventhough the number of bicycle users has declined, it is still suitable and enjoyable on Hawassa comfortable roads as enjoyment and means of transportation.

Bicycle in Hawassa


Shopping in Hawassa Local Markets

One of interesting activities in Hawassa is shopping. As a tourist or visitor you may have an interest to have something that is memorable about Hawassa. To this end, there are a number of cultural items shops or places to buy these products. Basically the cultural items are produced by local people who have adequate knowledge about the culture or people who come from that community. The products can be found in souvenir houses, cultural items shops, in open markets or in some hotels sells areas. 

Fruit Market in Hawassa

Meeting new People

Hawassa has been a center for tourism and other regional meetings that are common in the region and other areas of the country at national levels in some occasions. In addition to tourism services, there are also other opportunities to meet new people for business, skill sharing partnerships or just to have fun with. To this end there are a number of NGOs, governmental organizations, civic societies or higher institutions such as university or colleges.



Hawassa is becoming a center for education and trainings in the south next to Addis Ababa , the capital of the country. There is a University that has wide variety of training opportunities in many fields. These trainings include regular, week end and summer in both undergraduate and post graduate programs. There are also other training opportunities in open and distance educations, colleges or training institutions.


Hawassa University Main Campus




Hawassa Lake is one of attractive lake to fish with nice view and people around. Once you are here , it is common to find people fishing as a reacreation activity. However mos of the fishing was made for commercial purpose around fish market " Amora Gedel" area.


Fishing on Lake Hawassa




Hawassa is one of the most preferred destinations for volunteers due to its access to local NGO, center to reach wide range of community in nearby and within the city area, suitable infrastructure and services for local and international volunteer and availability of organizations who are looking for and have rich experience in accommodating volunteers.