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Tourist Attractions

An attraction is any object, person, place, or concept that draws people either geographically or through remote electronic means so that they might have an experience. The experience can be recreational, spiritual, or otherwise.


Ultimately the market — not tourism experts or magazines — decide what is an attraction among its much wider resource class. If people spend time and money to experience a particular resource, then that resource is also an attraction.



Hawassa Geophysical Attraction



This category includes mountains, gorges, big rocks, rock formations, caves, rivers, water bodies, scenic views, overlooks of forests (when the attraction is merely seeing and not interacting more directly with the forest), unusual cloud formations, unusual meteorological conditions (high velocity or unusual wind behavior, light hitting or passing through geological formations in strange ways), thermal waters, volcanic activity, or even unusual celestial events such as the Northern Lights, Perseid Meteor Showers, or exceptionally clear night views for star-gazing.


Hawassa Lake SmallIceland


In Hawassa, the Lake and the surrounding areas around the lake such as: Tikur Wuha/ Black colored river at the gate of Hawassa; Volcano Red ash small hill behind Hawassa University main campus; Bushulo area interconnected small hills with nice view to the Lake; Hot springs around Cheleklektu; Alamura Mountain and the surroundings areas;


Hotspring around hawassa


Millennium Park and other areas in nearby areas such as Abijata and Shalla National Park and other attractions are highly preferred attractions around Hawassa.




Abijata and Shala Park on the Way to Hawassa


Ecological-biological attractions include any and all organisms, their parts, their behaviors, aggregations, or associations in communities with other organisms. It also includes ecological events or processes that include the participation of organisms, such as decomposition, reproduction, predation, migration, and fossil remains (though one could categorize these as geophysical as well).

To this end the surrounding areas around Lake Hawassa, Millennium Park and Nearby areas specially Wondogenet are highly preferred for birds watching. There are also endemic birds around Lake Hawassa areas. Enjoying your days by watching bird’s activities on the lake side is unforgettable memory. Some visitors and residents are accustomed to enjoying the lake and nature around the lake in the afternoons with sunsets that adds color beauty and music that the lake usually created at the lake side areas.



Hawassa Sidama Traditional House


This category includes all human constructions, practices, and remains (archaeological). It includes all manifestations of human evolution and cultural expression. In some cases, it includes ideas of particular individuals or events that are interpreted through objects and places like a house or a person’s possession, like some famous philosopher’s eyeglasses or the house of a military commander.

Sidama Cultural Foods



In this category Hawassa is not as such rich with resources. However, there is Sidama People Cultural Hall where you can find monument of historically renowned Sidama People, you can visit the villages of the first settlers of Hawassa who came from different parts of the country as residents after they are retired from military service, you can also visit Gudumale , a place where Sidama People celebrate Fiche Chambalala and other nearby areas for Rastafarians in Shashemene and in Sidama Zone areas.



Hotels in Hawassa


These include all attractions built by humans for the specific purpose of entertainment or education. This includes theme parks, botanical gardens, sports fields, motion-based attractions (such as roller coasters), zoos, museums, theatres, shopping malls, etc


Wondogenet Forestry College Hawassa


In this regard there have been different efforts being made by government, private business and other nongovernmental organizations to avail potentials to tourists. Wondogent Forestry College of Hawassa University is best known for its research and related activities with spices and forests. It’s compound worth visiting. There are also other areas one can visit as a tourist in this category like Lake Hawassa side night events and cultural music, Open market of Hawassa and Millennium Park. 


Hawassa Haile Resort Hotel